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Technical Specification

The CASTLE SmartGuard series of PC based access control system management software are specially 
designed for ease of use by all levels of user. It is a powerful security access management software system 
with multi-user and multi terminal networking capabilities. They are all menu driven and graphical software where ordinary
PC user s can use them with minimum supervision.
Easy to setup and use.
SmartGuard is easy to setup and use . Basically, a standard Celeron 466MHz PC with 32MB RAM and 20 MB free hard disk 
space for program files and one free serial comm port to link up to the controllers. This is a very standard PC specifications 
that makes the source and maintenance of the PC hardware just a very minor problem.
Dynamic Floor Plan
The software is capable of displaying the layout of the site. Each device installed in the site is represented by a 
corresponding icon on the floor plan layout in SmartGuard. User can click on the icon to perform command on to the 
device. The icon will also blinks or changes colors when certain events occurs on the corresponding device. Software users 
can Add/Change Floor Plan Layout Setting themselves. They can easily reposition a device simply by drag-and-drop of the 
corresponding icons. The floor plan layout configuration systems is included in the SmartGuard as standard feature.
Built-In Time Attendance Listing Generation
SmartGuard comes with a time attendance report generation sub-system as standard feature. Since the access system has 
already recorded all the movement of the staff, SmartGuard make use of this information to produce the time attendance 
report without additional cost. It is capable of listing staff daily absenteeism, late-in, late-out, early-in, early-out, total worked
hour and total OT hours. 
SmartGuard Pro and above has an enhanced time attendance report generation engine. It is capable of allowing 
attendance record editing and generate monthly attendance report. It is also capable of generating time attendance listing 
based on Flexi-Hour setting. Staff leave dates can be keyed in to the system so that the attendance listing becomes more 
meaningful when staff in on leave. 
Acts as access system transaction server for 3rd party integration
SmartGuard comes with an access system transaction server sub-system for 3rd party integration. Programmmers can 
write software to request for the latest transaction either from the same PC or a remote PC from SmartGuard in order to 
perform their own special task. This is implemented through Winsock inter-process communication. The SmartGuard acts 
as a Socket Server to listen and reply to the request of the 3rd party clients. SmartGuard will keep the latest 200 transactions 
in memory for transactions server.
Menu Command Accessibility Control
Accessibility to the menu commands can be controlled. You can assign proper menu command accessibility to the software
operators in order to maintain your system integrity
System Personalization
Company name and logo can be printed on the report in the software to personalize the report output. In addition, user 
database allows 2 user definable field to cope with the personalized needs of different company.
Industrial Database Format makes it easy to integrate
SmartGuard Standard / Pro is using Dbase file format for data storage. It is an industrial-graded well-known database 
format. This makes it easy to be integrated other software systems since data can be exported out easily.Networking 
version of SmartGuard usee SQL based database server for data storage (such as MS-SQL)


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