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Technical Specification

Physical Çharacteristics:

Body composed of duralumin T6 with surface treatment. Front head in stainless steel #316, or steel 1213 with chemical nickeling. Synthetic rubber cover.

140mm x 42mm (5.5" x 1.6").

225 g.

32 Kb non-volatile.

From 2,500 to 4,500 readings, according to the equipment programming.

Operation Temperature:
De -20 ºC até 75 ºC.

Humidity Tolerance:
Above 95% if there is no condensation.

Power supplied:
Type 9V Alkaline. recommended, in particular Panasonic 6LR61/1B.

Serial communications:
Transfer rate of 115.200 bps, a complete memory takes around 15 seconds to be transferred.

Life expectancy:
Minimum of 10 years, if not submitted to abuse.

Audible signals and by way of LEDs


  • Alert with sound, light or both as to when a tour is due to start

  • Alerts to indicate there has been an error in the tour

  • Create tour routes the guard or staff member is to follow, you can also require variations of the tour route for security purposes - the Guardus G3 can notify this to the guard or staff membes

  • Require the guard or staff member to read an identification button before starting the tour to verify what staff member has preformed it      

  • Have up to 256 events defined when used in conjunction with the Contronics Event Wallet

  • Battery indicator notifies when the battery gets low, it will also display the battery status in the software when data is imported

  • The battery sensor notes any time the battery is removed and placed back, so you know when staff try to avoid their tours

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