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Fingkey Access SW101: Fingerprint Access Controller


Technical Specification

CPU: 32 bit / 200MHz (Marvell)
Memory: 8MB DRAM / 8MB Flash
Display: 122x32 Graphic LCD (Black&White)
FP Sensor Type: Optical
FP Sensor Resolution: 500 DPI
Authentication Mode: Fingerprint, Password, RF Card
1:1 verification Time: < 1 sec.
1:N Identification Time: < 2 sec.(2,000 templates)
Template capacity: 2,000 templates(2templates/1finger, 1,000 user)
Log capacity: 20,000 logs
Communication: TCP/IP, RS485(TBD), Wiegand In/Out(26/34 bit)
Output Relay: Deadbolt, EM Lock, Door Strike, Automatic Door
Operating Temperature: -20~60 ℃
Operation Humidity: < RH 90 %
Certification: KC, CE, FCC
Size: 77(W) x 178(L) x 50(D) mm

Waterproof & Weatherproof
   - IP65 rated for outdoor use
 Superior Matching Engine
   - 1st in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition)
   - Auto-on™ Function
 Function Key
   - 4 Function keys for user-defined functions (F1~F4)
   - Clock In / Clock Out / Absence / Return
 Multifactor Authentication
   - Fingerprint, RF card, Password
   - Any authentication methods can be used concurrently
 Touch Keypad



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