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Technical Specification

Controller Models: S-Series - 2/4/8 doors per controller ( CAS-2S/4S/8S )
                           Advanced - Series -12/16 doors per controller ( CAS-12S/16S )
Microprocessor Model: Motorola 68HC11MCU
Operating Frequency: S-Series: 8 MHz Advanced-Series: 12 MHz
Clock System: Real-Time
EPROM / Flash: S-Series 64K Bytes / 128K Bytes Advanced-Series 128K Bytes
R A M S-Series: 128K Bytes Advanced-Series: 1M Bytes
Watchdog: 1 Internal and 1 External
Battery Back-Up for Memory: 3.6V onboard rechargeable backup battery
Type of Storage System Used: Static RAM
Operating Temperature Range: 0-65”C
Baund Rate: 9600 (Controller to reader) 2400 (PC to controller)
Stop Bits: 1
Data Bits: 8
Maximum Storage Capability: S-Series: 5,000 cards user and 2,500 transactions
                                            Advanced-Series : 5,000 cards user and 50,000                                                             transactions
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Input Voltage Tolerance: 11V-13.8V DC
Rated Current Input: 1A
Number of Controllers Can Be Connected: 16 or 32 Controllers (Depends on software                                                                     version)
Number of Readers Can Be Connected: S-Series: 4/8/16 readers (Depends on Controller                                                            Types)
                                                           Advanced-Series: 24/32 readers (Depends on                                                                Controller Types)
Type of Reader Technology: -Contact-less Smart Card -Wiegand 26 bits / Magnetic                                                   Signal
                                         -Magnetic Stripe Track 2, ABA Format -Barcode 2/5 or 3/9                                             format
Type of Usage: Stand-Alone (Reader to Controller)
                       Network-Operated (Reader to Controller to PC)
Communication Cable Used: 1 Pair RS-485 from Reader to Controller for each bus
                                           1 Pair RS-485 from Controller to PCI-Interface
Maximum Length of Communication: 1 km (Cable Length)
Recommended Cable Type: BELDEN Cable 24AWG Standard 1419 A
Housing: Metal Casing with Tubular Cam Lock and coated with epoxy to prevent                           vandalism
Alarm Features: S-Series: 4 digital inputs points & 1 relay output
                        Advanced-Series: 7 inputs point & 1 fire alarm
                        Alarm Arming/Disarming can be manually controlled or timer controlled 
Timer: S-Series: 100 Timer Sets with 3 Intervals
          Advanced-Series: 256 Timer Sets with 3 Intervals
Time Zone: S-Series: 100 user Time Zone (9 days/time zone)
                 Advanced-Series: 256 user Time Zone (9 days/time zone)
Support Multi-Door and Anti-Pass Back: Function available for S-Series and Advanced-                                                              Series

Holidays 2 types of 30 dates Progammable Holiday
Controller Programming Mode Security: 3 Passwords: ( no access card needed)
                                                         *Technical Password - Diagnostics only
                                                         * User Password - Arming & Disarming only
                                                         * Master Password - Highest Privilege
Continuous Card Swiping Facility When Door Is Open: Function Available
Controller Display Unit: 20 characters x 2 rows Liquid Crystal Display with back-light
Software Requirements (Recommended Configurations): Run on Window 95/98/NT/Millenium Edition or Compatible Pentium II, 64MB RAM, 10GB Hard Disk and Display 800 x 600 resolution
Diagnostic Systems: Built-In Diagnostics
Indications: Sound Indication When Release Button Is Pushed, Door Left Open And Force Open
Programming Mode: Menu Driven Programming & Software Programming
Log File Supporting Through Software: Function Available
Auxiliary Relay Output: 20 Type Programmable Event ( Applicable for K-Series & Advanced-Series Only )
Interlocking Capability: Function Available Between Any Pair of Door ( Applicable for N-Series Only )


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